Real World Applications to OD Principles

I have a retail dry goods store employing over 100  people .majority of the customers are those who are employed in an automotive  support accessory industry who announced that they were going to shift home to Mexico. This change in residence of the customer will seriously hamper our sales as well as our organizational growth .the goal is to understand how this change in customer base will affect the organization and how the changes can be faced using the principles of OD and how these principles can be applied to ensure that there is sustainability of the organization despite the changes. On high priority is to understand how the challenges will be faced. Organizational development is meant to be the readiness of an organization to meet future changes. My intentions are to apply the beliefs of OD to value systems, set of beliefs  organizational hierarchy structures and to allow the better use of disruptive  technology to  absorb the market opportunities and to  face challenges  that could ensue thereof .


Change has to be continually adapted to and evolution has to be accepted as part of the changing scene. If one does not adapt to changes, the system will throw him out .The apprehension that the firm may stop functioning because of the relocation of the customers to Mexico is a major threat. In order to remain in the market it is important the employee beliefs are coordinated and they are made confident that they will not lose their jobs. in order to bring in this, the employees will have to be motivated to accept that despite the change, the firm will be fully operational  .the morale of the employees have to be boosted . The best way to tackle the fear in employees is being honest with them and keeps before them the challenges that the company faces. A good leader is one who wins the trust of the employees.
The best way to keep the morale of the employees high, it is imperative that we face the changes in a very orderly manner. In order to do this, the employees will have to be made into teams. Each of the teams will have to be evaluated for their strengths and weaknesses. Every employees has his own strengths and weaknesses hence a balanced team is one which has an ideal mix of both. This way the weaknesses can be mitigated with the strengths and teams can complement each other.

The organization has a strong structure and these changes in team composition will enhance the deliverables of the firm and the loss of a huge chunk of customers may not impact the firm. Since the organization is well structured to meet challenges and changes, these market dynamics can well be absorbed .the news of the customers relocating could be the worst news but this is considered to be the beginning of new associations .this challenge allows the firm to look at reworking strategies from bottom up.

Organizational development is a design which enables organizations to accept systematic processes for implementing changes. “Guiding principles can facilitate organizational decision-making in fast-moving environments, and thus may play an important role in organizational change processes. However, intentionally generating principles that will be meaningful and robust for management teams is difficult.” (Oliver & Jacobs, 2007, p. 13). Effective organizational changes can be successful only if employees remain loyal, motivated and efficient. Employees need to be told that the firm is very much interested in their well being both personal and professional a satisfied employee brings in hope whereas one dissatisfied employee brings in the infection of unhappiness.

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